11 Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers

cold hardiness zone: 8 (-12 to -7°C)

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Eastern Penstemon, Hairy Beardtongue

Egyptian star flower, Egyptian Star Cluster


Russian Sage

Thymeleaf Sandwort, Irish Moss, Sandwort


Liverleaf, Liverwort, Roundlobe Hepatica


Balloon Flower, Chinese Bellflower

Painted Daisy, Golden Feather, Golden Feverfew

Sweet Woodruff, Our Lady's Lace, Sweetscented Bedstraw

Thin-leaved Sunflower

Purple Joe Pye weed, Sweet Joe Pye Weed

Siberian squill, Scilla

Pasque flower



Chamomile Lawn, Roman Chamomile

Navelwort, Blue-Eyed-Mary, Creeping Forget-Me-Not

Streamside Lupin

Mexican Hats, Grey Headed Coneflower, Upright Prairie Coneflower, Yellow Coneflower, Red Hats

Chinese foxglove

Featherleaf Rodgersia, Rodgers Flower


Black-eyed Susan, Eastern Coneflower, Orange Coneflower, Showy Coneflower


Crown Imperial Fritillaria

Creeping Zinnia, Sanvitalia

Bloodroot, Red Puccoon

Lavender Cotton, Holy Herb, Ground Cypress, Petite Cypress, Green Santolina
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