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Garden Flowers

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Twining Snapdragon, Creeping Gloxinia

Heron's Bill, Stork's Bill

Spiny bear's breeches

Columbine flabellata, European columbine


Blue dogbane

Blue pimpernel


Canada Anemone, Meadow Anemone

Double-Flowered Yellow Wood Anemone, Buttercup Anemone

Snapdragon, Weasel's Snout

Italian Bugloss, Italian Alkanet, Summer Forget-Me-Not

Water hawthorn

Baby Sunrose, Heartleaf Ice Plant

Rock cress

Sea pink, Sea thrift

Sea thrift



New England aster

Alpine Aster

King's Spear

White Asphodel

Common Periwinkle, Creeping Myrtle, Flower-of-Death


Wax Begonias

Bur Marigold, Apache Beggarticks

Swan River daisy

Betonica grandiflora

Bolton's Aster, White Doll's Daisy, False Aster, False Chamomile
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