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Garden Flowers

type of stem: creeper

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Sand Verbena

Amur Adonis

Adonis sibirica

Azorella, Yareta

Heron's Bill, Stork's Bill

Acantholimon, Prickly Thrift

Basket of Gold

Blue pimpernel

Double-Flowered Yellow Wood Anemone, Buttercup Anemone

Rue anemone

Antennaria, Cat's foot

Baby Sunrose, Heartleaf Ice Plant

Rock cress



Sea pink, Sea thrift

Sea thrift






Common Periwinkle, Creeping Myrtle, Flower-of-Death

Wax Begonias

Wax Begonia, Tuberous Begonia

Water Primrose, Marsh Purslane, Marsh Seedbox

Jovibarba, Hens and chickens houseleek

Bush Violet, Sapphire Flower

Lingonberry, Mountain Cranberry, Cowberry, Foxberry

Ale Ivy, Field Balm, Ground Ivy
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