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Pot Flowers

sun exposure: bright ambient light

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Azaleas, Pinxterbloom

Zebra Plant, Orange Shrimp plant

Cat Tail, Chenille Plant, Red Hot Cattail, Foxtail, Red Hot Poker

Red Shrimp Plant

Waffle Plant

Yellow Shrimp Plant, Golden Shrimp Plant, Lollipop Plant

Sanchezia, Fire Fingers

Black eye Susan

Blue sage, Blue eranthemum


Brazilian Plume, Flamingo Flower

Belladonna Lily, March Lily, Naked Lady

Paint Brush, Blood Lily, Sea Egg, Powder Puff

Spider Lily

Spider Lily, Ismene, Sea Daffodil


Bush Lily, Boslelie


Amazon Lily

Flamingo Flower, Heart Flower

Magic Flower, Nut Orchid




Brunfelsia, Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow



Sinningia (Gloxinia)

Tree Gloxinia

African violet
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