1 Flowering Shrubs and Trees

Flowering Shrubs and Trees

growth rate of plant: medium growing

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Wild rosemary, Labrador Tea, Marsh Tea, Swamp Tea

White Forsythia, Korean Abelia


Black Chokeberry

Spindle tree

Cerasus tomentosa

Cerasus grandulosa

Sour Cherry, Pie Cherry


Buttonbush, Honey Bells, Honeyball, Button Willow

Kousa Dogwood, Chinese Dogwood, Japanese Dogwood


Scotch Broom, Broomtops, Common Broom, European Broom, Irish Broom


Common honeysuckle

Yellow Vine Honeysuckle


Virginia Sweetspire, Gooseberry, Itea

Sweet pepper bush, Summersweet

Arctic raspberry, Arctic Bramble

Beauty Bush

Winter hazel

Californian Lilac


Oleaster, Cherry Silverberry, Goumi, Silver Buffaloberry

Trailing azalea, Alpine Azalea

Double Flowering Cherry, Flowering almond


Indian Plum, Oso Berry, Bird Cherry

Tree peony
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