1 Garden Plants (Ornamental Grasses)

Garden Plants (Ornamental Grasses)

sun exposure: full shade

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Northern Maidenhair Fern, Five-finger fern, Five-fingered Maidenhair, American Maidenhair

Hart's tongue fern

Bugle, Bugleweed, Carpet Bugle

Netted Chain Fern

Limestone Oak Fern, Scented Oak Fern

Bishop's Weed, Goutweed, Ground Elder


Diplazium sibiricum

Spring meadow spikemoss, Swiss clubmoss

Asarabacca, European Wild Ginger

Lady fern, Japanese painted fern

Hart's Tongue Fern

Common polypody, Rock Polypody

Hard shield fern, Soft shield fern

Sensitive Fern, Bead Fern


Ostrich Fern, Garden Fern, Shuttlecock Fern

Brittle Bladder Fern, Fragile Fern, Brittle Fern

Ostrich Fern, Garden Fern, Shuttlecock Fern

Plantain lily

Flowering fern

Male fern, Buckler fern, Autumn Fern

Wood Sorrel, Whitsun Flower, Green Snob, Sleeping Beauty

Lungwort, Jerusalem Cowslip, Jerusalem Sage, Spotted Dog, Soldiers and Sailors

Parasollblad, Shieldleaf Roger's Flower

Lily-turf, Snake's beard, Black Dragon, Black Mondo Grass

Polka dot plant, Freckle Face


Heucherella, Foamy Bells

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