Indoor plants Huernia succulent

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Indoor plants Huernia succulent photo claret
flower color: claret
Indoor plants Huernia succulent photo pink
flower color: pink
Indoor plants Huernia succulent photo white
flower color: white
Indoor plants Huernia succulent photo brown
flower color: brown
Indoor plants Huernia succulent photo red
flower color: red
Indoor plants Huernia succulent photo yellow
flower color: yellow

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Huernia characteristics

plant height (cm)lower 30 cm
timing of floweringspring
type of cactus or succulentsucculent
form of houseplanterect
flower colorclaret, brown, pink, yellow, red, white
plant colorlight green

Indoor plants Huernia care

frequency of wateringrare
air humiditydry

Indoor plants Huernia growing

growing complexityundemanding

Huernia succulent planting

location of cactus or succulentsouth window
sun exposurefull sun

catalog: Cactuses and Succulents

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Indoor plants Huernia succulent photo, care and growing, characteristics and planting.











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