Indoor plants Aichryson succulent

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Indoor plants Aichryson succulent photo yellow
flower color: yellow
Indoor plants Aichryson succulent photo yellow
flower color: yellow

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Aichryson characteristics

plant height (cm)lower 30 cm
timing of floweringspring
type of cactus or succulentsucculent
form of houseplantsprawling
flower coloryellow
plant colorgreen

Indoor plants Aichryson care

frequency of wateringmoderate
air humiditymoist

Indoor plants Aichryson growing

growing complexityfor the grower with some experience

Aichryson succulent planting

location of cactus or succulenteast window, western window
sun exposurebright ambient light

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Indoor plants Aichryson succulent photo, care and growing, characteristics and planting.











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