Indoor plants Swedish Ivy shrub, Plectranthus

Latin name: Plectranthus

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Indoor plants Swedish Ivy shrub, Plectranthus photo motley
leaf color: motley
Indoor plants Swedish Ivy shrub, Plectranthus photo silvery
leaf color: silvery

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Swedish Ivy (Plectranthus) characteristics

plant height (cm)50-100 cm
type of houseplantshrub
type of stemspreading
known to be toxicnot poisonous plant
leaf formoval
leaf colormotley, silvery

Indoor plants Plectranthus planting

location of plantbright room, north window
sun exposurepartial shade, bright ambient light

Indoor plants Swedish Ivy care

frequency of wateringmoderate
air humiditymoist

Plectranthus, Swedish Ivy shrub growing

period of restno
growing complexityundemanding

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Indoor plants shrub Swedish Ivy (Plectranthus) photo, care and growing, characteristics and planting.


leaf color:
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