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Garden Flowers

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Adenophora, Lady Bells

Amur Adonis

Adonis sibirica

Amberboa, sweet sultan


Cape Daisy, Monarch of the Veldt


China Aster

Patience Plant, Balsam, Jewel Weed, Busy Lizzie

Bartonia aurea

Wax Begonia, Tuberous Begonia

Grass of Parnassis, Bog Star

Water Calla

Ground Orchid, The Striped Bletilla

Spring Meadow Saffron

Knapweed, Star Thistle, Cornflower

Yellow Hardhead, Bighead Knapweed, Giant Knapweed, Armenian Basketflower, Lemon Fluff Knapweed

Persian Cornflower, Knapweed


Lady Slipper Orchid

Cape Daisy, Monarch of the Veldt

Blue rock bindweed

Treasure Flower

Blanket Flower

Dianthus, China Pinks


Dianthus perrenial

False Sunflower, Ox-eye, Sunflower Heliopsis


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