Garden Plants Mountain Melic Grass cereals, Melica characteristics

Latin name: Melica

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Garden Plants Mountain Melic Grass cereals, Melica photo, characteristics green
flower color: green

Garden Plants Mountain Melic Grass (Melica) characteristics

life spanperennial
type of stemerect
type of fern or grasscereals
grass or fern height (cm)70-100 cm
plant colorgreen
known to be toxicnot poisonous plant


landscape usemass planting, border, specimen, background
sun exposuresemi-shade, full sun


cold hardiness zone5 (-29 to -23°c), 6 (-23 to -18°c), 7 (-18 to -12°c), 8 (-12 to -7°c), 9 (-7 to -1°c)
frost resistancefrost resistance
shelter in winterrequires shelter


soil acidityneutral soil
water needsmoderate
soil typesandy loam soil, loamy soil

*Some characteristics are relevant for a temperate climate

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Garden Plants Mountain Melic Grass cereals(Melica) characteristics, photo and care, planting and growing.

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