Pot Flowers Orchid Tree, Bauhinia characteristics

Latin name: Bauhinia

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Pot Flowers Orchid Tree, Bauhinia photo, characteristics pink
flower color: pink
Pot Flowers Orchid Tree, Bauhinia photo, characteristics red
flower color: red
Pot Flowers Orchid Tree, Bauhinia photo, characteristics white
flower color: white
Pot Flowers Orchid Tree, Bauhinia photo, characteristics lilac
flower color: lilac
Pot Flowers Orchid Tree, Bauhinia photo, characteristics yellow
flower color: yellow

Pot Flowers Orchid Tree (Bauhinia) characteristics

type of stemerect
flower colorlilac, pink, yellow, red, white
timing of floweringautumn
type of pot flowertree
fragrant flowerfragrance
known to be toxicnot poisonous plant
leaf colorgreen
plant height (cm)higher 100 cm
leaf formoval


period of restyes
growing complexityfor the experienced grower


frequency of wateringmoderate
air humiditymoist


sun exposurebright ambient light, full sun
location of plantwestern window, south window

catalog: Pot Flowers

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Indoor plants Orchid Tree Flower (Bauhinia) characteristics, photo and care, planting and growing.










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